Acid Express

Acid Express

This cover is modeled after the Beatles “Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Acid Express was a publication written in the late 1960s which referred to individuals who partake in mind-opening drugs. The authors of the publication aimed to aid the Gettysburg community in understanding the effects of mind opening drugs such as LSD. The magazine presented these drugs and the experiences they induce as positive and almost spiritual. Some articles and stories discuss the finding of the self and the understanding of larger questions of the universe. I could not find any information regarding the administration’s reaction to the publication so it is likely that they either did not know or did not think it a great concern. The authors were of course anonymous and would use pen names to protect their identity.

This cover pictures the Buddha. This was a period in which heretofore rejected religions in the West grew in popularity.

The publication of Acid Express is important for a few reasons. The postmodern era marked an increase in the use of drugs such as LSD and the culture that surrounds the ingestion of this drug is often what people think about when they consider the postmodern era. Acid Express is proof that this culture existed at Gettysburg College. We do not know how common this culture was, but the existence of Acid Express shows that at least a group of students thought it was important enough to discuss. The publication is not only important simply for the fact that it exists, however. It is also important because of what they wrote. The articles speak of the self and concepts such as self-awareness. This a common theme throughout the postmodern era

The fact that this publication was created under pen names and in secret is important as well. This protest behavior was also characteristic of the postmodern era. The authors must have known that the administration would not have approved of them creating this magazine, yet they created it anyway.

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All editions of The Acid Express may be found at Special Collections on the fourth floor of Musselman Library at Gettysburg College. They are in box R 3.25 entitled Student Protest Publications.