The Blister

The Blister

First edition of the Blister - 1922
First edition of the Blister – 1922

The Blister was a daily publication that was posted on the bulletin board in Glatfelter Hall from 1921 to 1927. The purpose of the publication was to provide commentary on life at Gettysburg College. The authors often included a poem, a cartoon, an editorial, and a humorous musing on the news of the day. One of the founders of the publication drowned tragically before he graduated and the publication was never the same after his death.

The Blister is often satirical in nature. Much of the publication is meant to be humorous and therefore it is difficult to know exactly what it says about the period in which it was written. While the authors clearly attempt to poke fun at their fellow students, there does not seem to be any direct opposition to the institution of Gettysburg College itself.

Excerpts from The Blister

All copies of the Blister can be found at Special Collections. Special Collections is located on the fourth floor of Musselman Library at Gettysburg College. Additionally, all copies may be found online through Gettdigital.